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Welcome to CNC Services Northwest!

Since 1997 I have been helping owners of Centroid CNC controls throughout the Western United States and Canada get the most from their machines.

If you already own a Centroid, I hope I can be of service to you.

If you are shopping for a control, for retrofit service, or for a complete CNC machine package, call me. I can supply a package that meets your needs.

New Low-cost DC-Servo Retrofit Kits

I have new retrofit kits available, ideal for the small-machine and home market. These kits are based on Centroid's All-in-one DC control unit.

Click here for details.

Upgrades for earlier Centroid DC-servo control systems

The All-in-one DC is also an effective upgrade path for earlier Centroid controls with DC servo drives and motors, such as M40, M400, M39, M400S and M39S units from 1993 to 2009.

Centroid control upgrades with All-in-one DC

Centroid control software updates

Centroid's mill and lathe control software is available for Windows, Linux and DOS. The available software and the operating systems you can use depend on your control hardware.

The latest Windows release is CNC12 version 4.20. CNC12 requires MPU11-family control hardware: either the MPU11 board, used with a GPIO4D or DC3IOB; the Oak control unit; or the All-in-one DC unit. The recommended Windows installation is Windows 10 Home.

The latest Linux releases are CNC10 version 2.72 (for control computers with at least 256MB memory) and 2.38 (for control computers with less than 256 MB memory). Click here for Linux CNC10 information and features. CNC10 works with controls based on CPU7, CPU9 and CPU10 control boards.

Note that version numbering started over with the transition from DOS to Linux around 2004. Linux CNC10 version 1.10 was roughly equivalent to DOS CNC7 version 8.23.

The last DOS release is CNC7 version 8.23. Click here for DOS version 8.23 information and features. CNC7 works only with control systems based on CPU7 and CPU9 boards.

Tech Support

Click here for information on tech support policies and for useful pointers for making a tech support request.

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