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Frequently Asked Questions

Mill Intercon Programming

Q: How can I get a finish pass on a Frame cycle?

A: Put in two separate Frame cycles: the first one should be undersize by twice your finish amount (or oversize, for External Frames); the second one should be to your desired final size.

Q: How can I mill a Pocket without cutting at the center?

A: Use the Frame cycle instead. See the preceding question regarding a finish pass. For circular pockets cutting all the way through the material, you can also use the Thread Mill cycle.

Alternately, use the Cleanout cycle to define a pocket with an island.

Q: Will Intercon on my machine read ICN files from another machine?

A: It depends on the respective software versions. In general, any newer version of Intercon will read .ICN program files from any older version.

To a limited extent, older versions can read .ICN files from newer versions, but this is only possible if there were no changes or additions to the .ICN file format between the two versions.

See the Intercon file versions on the Software Release Dates table to see which software versions share the same Intercon program file format.

Frequently Asked Questions
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