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Frequently Asked Questions

CAD/CAM Programming

Q: Does the Centroid control work with xxx CAD/CAM system?

A: Yes. As long as xxx can post to standard G codes, then you can run those codes on the Centroid control.

Q: What Postprocessor should I use?

Q: Where can I get a Centroid M400 v8.21 Post for xxx CAD/CAM system?

A: Probably from the CAD/CAM vendor, recognizing that it usually doesn't make any difference what model Centroid you have, nor what software version.

More importantly, though, you probably don't even need a special Centroid Post. Just use a generic/default/Fanuc post (e.g. MPFAN in Mastercam).

If you are using a generic post, and you have any version Windows or Linux software, or DOS software version 7.06 or newer, you should set Machine Parameter 2 to a value of 2.0. This will ensure that canned drilling cycles are performed even if the Post leaves out the XY coordinates of the first hole in the pattern (having already done a rapid move to that position).

How to set Parameter 2

What you need to know to create a Post Processor for Centroid M-Series Mill Controls

What you need to know to create a Post Processor for Centroid T-Series Lathe Controls

Q: I wrote this program offline with xxx. Why doesn't it show up in Intercon?

A: Intercon can only read and edit its own program files. If you did not create a program with Intercon, then you cannot edit it with Intercon. Intercon saves its programs in its own internal format (using the file extension .ICN for mill programs, .LTH for lathe programs). It posts to G codes for the control to run, but it never reads G codes back in.

Frequently Asked Questions
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