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Centroid Control Serial Numbers

Centroid control serial numbers are generally 4-digit, 5-digit or 6-digit numbers. For many years it was conventional to prefix the serial number with the letter "K" for mill controls, "T" for lathe controls, "M" for Magnum routers, and "A" for Ajax kits. However, the letters are optional, as the numbers fall in unique series.

The serial number is generally on a black-and-silver tag. If you have a factory console (such as an M400 or M15), then the serial number tag will be on the back or side of the console. If you have a handheld jog panel pendant (such as with an M39), then the serial number tag will be on the back of the jog panel pendant. If you have a factory-wired control cabinet, then a serial number tag will also be on the door of the cabinet.

If you have an OEM board-level control (e.g. Revolution mill or Magnum/Phoenix router), or you have a board-level retrofit kit, or you have a DIY kit (e.g. Ajax), then you might not have a serial number tag at all. If you are lucky, you can find the serial number among your service documentation, or on a sheet of software unlock codes from Centroid.
Serial Number SeriesControl ModelYearsDescription
100000MPU11 family2010 - presentAll styles (M400, M39, T400, T39) using MPU11-family hardware
900000Ajax2010 - present"Ajax" DIY kits using MPU11-family hardware
10000M400 (Uniconsole-2)2002 - 2014Black console with white face, 15" LCD next to jog panel, sloping keyboard
20000M400S2002 - 2014DC-only controls, same console as Uniconsole-2 M400
30000T400 (Uniconsole-2)2002 - 2014Lathe controls, same console as Uniconsole-2 M400
40000T400S2002 - 2014DC-only lathe controls, same console as Uniconsole-2 M400
50000Ajax2006 - 2010CPU10-based "Ajax" DIY controls (usually M39S style)
AnnnnAjax2003 - 2006CPU7-based "Ajax" DIY controls (usually M39S style)
1000M10, M20, M40, M60, Revolution1992 - 1998Black console with CRT above jog panel
2000T400 (original),
1996 - 2001
1999 - 2009
Lathe controls: gray console with 10" LCD,
or PC monitor and hand pendant
3000M391997 - 2009Mill controls with PC monitor and hand pendant
4000M151997 - 2002Compact mill controls: servo drive in console
5000M50, M4001994 - 1998M40 and M400 controls sold on Supermax knee mills
M400 (original)1996 - 2002Gray or Blue console, 10" LCD next to jog panel, vertical sealed keyboard
7000Magnum routers1994 - 1998Generally equivalent to M10 or M40, but no Centroid console
CNCDRO1995 - 1997Two-axis mill controls, drive in console, conversational only
8100T152000 - 2002Compact lathe controls: servo drive in console
REVnnnPost-1998 Revolutions1998-1999Revolution console: 15" CRT, sloping sealed keyboard with jog panel

See the Field Guide for more extensive descriptions and history of the various control models.

There was some crossover between mill and lathe designations. A few T39 lathe controls were assigned 3000-series numbers; a small number of T15 lathe controls were assigned 4000-series numbers; and dealers sometimes converted mill controls for lathe use or vice versa, in the field.

Some 1000-series board level controls -- mostly Revolutions, but also some built by Tryax Associates in the UK -- had multiple controls grouped under one 4-digit number. For example, 1339B-1, 1339B-2, 1339B-3 and 1339B-4.

Router tables, water jets, punch presses and similar machines usually use mill controls.

Cylindrical grinders and similar machines generally use lathe controls.

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