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Frequently Asked Questions

Options and Unlock Codes

Disclaimer: I do not speak for Centroid. All of the following is based on observation, experience, and a certain amount of inside knowledge of the company. Centroid policies may change at any time.

Q: What's the deal with Demo Mode and Permanent Unlocks?

A: It is Centroid's carrot and stick to ensure that they are paid for the controls they ship. All new controls ship out in a time-limited "Demo" mode. Under the Demo mode, all control features, including all extra-cost options, are available for use. That is the carrot.

After the Demo time runs out, the control will not operate at all unless unlock codes have been entered: a "Permanent Unlock" for the control as a whole, plus additional unlock codes for any optional features. That is the stick.

Q: How do I get my Permanent Unlock Codes?

A: Your dealer will provide them to you as soon as he receives them from his supplier (either an OEM or distributor, or the Centroid factory).

Centroid will provide the unlock codes only to the original purchaser of the control.

Suppose you buy a Brand A mill from Bob's Machinery, the local dealer for Brand A Machine Tools. You may even pay Bob 100% cash up front, or on delivery. You will not necessarily receive your permanent unlock codes right away, because:

  1. Centroid must receive payment for the control from Brand A
  2. Centroid must send the permanent unlock codes to Brand A
  3. Brand A must receive payment for the machine from Bob
  4. Brand A must forward the unlock codes to Bob
  5. Bob must forward the codes to you
Q: What if Brand A goes out of business, or Bob skips the country without paying his bill?

A: In exceptional circumstances, Centroid will issue permanent unlocks directly to an orphaned end user. It may take some time to sort out. While that is happening, Centroid will typically issue additional Demo codes to keep you running.

Q: What options are included with this machine/control? What options are available?

A: That depends on the control type and model; what your dealer may choose to build in; and what you specifically order and pay for.

Your dealer should be able to tell you this. If he cannot, then you should look for a better-qualified dealer.

Nearly all controls come with an overall "Permanent Unlock" code plus "Package A". At a minimum, then, you should receive the following option unlock codes:

Mill controls for machines with Automatic Tool Changers usually include the Package A options listed above, plus:

Thus far, all Lathe controls include the Package A options listed above, plus:

All other keylocked features are extra-cost options. For Mill controls, the following extra-cost options are available:

For lathe controls, the only extra-cost options not already included in the standard package are:

Q: Can I get around the need for Unlimited File Size by adding memory to my control computer (or using drip feed, or using a network, or using a USB stick, ...)?

A: No. Centroid charges extra for the capability to run jobs over a certain length limit.

This is limited in the software, and does not relate to available memory, hard drive storage space, or the location of the job.

In current software (CNC11 3.04+, CNC10 2.68+) the limit is 4MB. In earlier CNC10 versions, and in CNC7 versions 8.11 through 8.23, the limit was 1MB. In CNC7 versions prior to 8.11, the limit was 640K.

The Centroid control does not run in a drip-feed mode under any circumstances.

For more detailed information on Centroid software options and pricing, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions
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