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Lathe Intercon Programming

Q: Why can't I use an End Face Profile cycle to cut a cavity in the end of a part?

A: You probably can, but it is harder than it ought to be.

First, the Profile Start point needs to be at the diameter where the profile cuts deepest into the end of the part (i.e. the farthest Z-). For example, if you are trying to cut a hemispherical bowl in the end, then your Profile Start would be at X0, and at a Z that is clear of the end of the part.

The first move in the Profile definition needs to be a Line, moving only X, out to the largest diameter in the Profile. Then you can insert the remaining lines and arcs to move in to the surface and along the finish boundary.

If the deepest cut (in Z-) along the profile is not at the largest or smallest diameter, then you will have to use two separate Profile cycles: one starting at the diameter of the deepest cut and working outwards; the other starting at the diameter of the deepest cut and working inwards.

Frequently Asked Questions
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