RotCvt Rotary Axis CNC Conversion Software

RotCvt is a software accessory for CNC controls, which will "wrap" XYZ CNC programs around a rotary fourth axis.

With it you can generate three-axis CNC programs using any CAD/CAM software you have available, then convert the program to cut around a cylinder in the rotary axis.

Features include:

The RotCvt software can be installed on any Linux-based or DOS-based Centroid milling control, where it will appear on the F5/CAM menu.

The software can also be installed and run offline on a PC running Windows, DOS, or Linux.

Here is a sample conversion of an Intercon outside rectangular frame mill cycle, with radiused corners. The converted code is longer because the arc moves have been broken into multiple chords.

Original CodeConverted Code
  M25 G49
  G17 G40
  G49 H0 M25
  G0 X-2.0 Y-2.0
N0002 T3 M6
  S2500 M3
  G4 P1.00
  G43 D3
N0003 X0.45 Y1.125 Z0.1 H3
  G1 G91 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-0.1 F10.0
  X0.0 Y0.0 Z0.0 F15.0
  X-0.2 Y0.0 Z-0.2 F10.0
  X1.5 Y0.0 Z0.0 F15.0
  G2 X0.375 Y-0.375 Z0.0 J-0.375
  G1 X0.0 Y-0.5 Z0.0
  G2 X-0.375 Y-0.375 Z0.0 I-0.375
  G1 X-1.5 Y0.0 Z0.0
  G2 X-0.375 Y0.375 Z0.0 J0.375
  G1 X0.0 Y0.5 Z0.0
  G2 X0.375 Y0.375 Z0.0 I0.375
  G0 G90 X0.25 Y1.125 Z0.1
N0004 G49 H0 M25
  G49 M25
  G40 G17
  G49 H0 M25
  G0 X-2 Y0 A-114.5916
N2 T3 M6
  S2500 M3
  G4 P1
  D3 G43
N3 X0.45 Z0.1 A64.4578 H3
  G1 G91 X0 Z-0.1 A0 F10
  X0 Z0 A0 F15
  X-0.2 Z-0.2 A0 F10
  X1.5 Z0 A0 F15
  G1 X0.0391 Z0 A-0.0883 F37.03
  X0.0452 Z0 A-0.4327 F142.3
  X0.044 Z0 A-0.7454 F244.24
  X0.0421 Z0 A-1.047 F342.73
  X0.0395 Z0 A-1.333 F436.19
  X0.0364 Z0 A-1.5991 F523.16
  X0.0327 Z0 A-1.8413 F602.35
  X0.0286 Z0 A-2.0561 F672.57
  X0.024 Z0 A-2.2402 F732.77
  X0.019 Z0 A-2.3909 F782.04
  X0.0138 Z0 A-2.5059 F819.65
  X0.0107 Z0 A-5.2062 F853.58
  G1 X0 Z0 A-28.6479 F859.44
  G1 X-0.0015 Z0 A-2.2406 F858.77
  X-0.0076 Z0 A-2.5917 F847.71
  X-0.013 Z0 A-2.5196 F824.14
  X-0.0183 Z0 A-2.4099 F788.28
  X-0.0233 Z0 A-2.2643 F740.67
  X-0.0279 Z0 A-2.085 F682.02
  X-0.0321 Z0 A-1.8745 F613.21
  X-0.0359 Z0 A-1.6361 F535.26
  X-0.0391 Z0 A-1.3732 F449.34
  X-0.0417 Z0 A-1.0899 F356.75
  X-0.0437 Z0 A-0.7903 F258.9
  X-0.0909 Z0 A-0.6108 F101.24
  G1 X-1.5 Z0 A0 F15
  G1 X-0.0391 Z0 A0.0883 F37.03
  X-0.0452 Z0 A0.4327 F142.3
  X-0.044 Z0 A0.7454 F244.24
  X-0.0421 Z0 A1.047 F342.73
  X-0.0395 Z0 A1.333 F436.19
  X-0.0364 Z0 A1.5991 F523.16
  X-0.0327 Z0 A1.8413 F602.35
  X-0.0286 Z0 A2.0561 F672.57
  X-0.024 Z0 A2.2402 F732.77
  X-0.019 Z0 A2.3909 F782.04
  X-0.0138 Z0 A2.5059 F819.65
  X-0.0107 Z0 A5.2062 F853.58
  G1 X0 Z0 A28.6479 F859.44
  G1 X0.0015 Z0 A2.2406 F858.77
  X0.0076 Z0 A2.5917 F847.71
  X0.013 Z0 A2.5196 F824.14
  X0.0183 Z0 A2.4099 F788.28
  X0.0233 Z0 A2.2643 F740.67
  X0.0279 Z0 A2.085 F682.02
  X0.0321 Z0 A1.8745 F613.21
  X0.0359 Z0 A1.6361 F535.26
  X0.0391 Z0 A1.3732 F449.34
  X0.0417 Z0 A1.0899 F356.75
  X0.0437 Z0 A0.7903 F258.9
  X0.0909 Z0 A0.6108 F101.24
  G0 G90 X0.25 Z0.1 A64.4578
N4 G49 H0 M25

Rotary Conversion software: $350

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