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Revolution Rotary Fourth Axis Connector

Revolution machines prior to approximately 1999, when wired for a rotary fourth axis, were generally supplied with a 28-16 MS connector.

This was a different connector type and pin-out from the 28-11 connectors used in Centroid factory-wired cabinets.

Revolution connector wiring was typically as follows:

AEncoder ch. Ato DE9 pin 8
BEncoder ch. /Ato DE9 pin 5
CEncoder ch. Bto DE9 pin 7
DEncoder ch. /Bto DE9 pin 4
EEncoder shieldto DE9 shell
FEncoder Vcc (+5VDC)to DE9 pin 9
GEncoder COM (0VDC)to DE9 pin 2
HEncoder ch. Zto DE9 pin 6
JEncoder ch. /Zto DE9 pin 3
KMotor Power +to servo drive
LMotor Power -to servo drive
MMotor Groundto chassis ground
NClamping Pressure Switch NO (clamped)to PLC input
PClamping Pressure Switch NC (unclamped)unused
QPressure Switch Commonto input common
RHome Switch NOunused
SHome Switch NCto PLC input
THome Switch Commonto input common
UClamp Solenoidfrom PLC output
VClamp Solenoidfrom power supply

The clamp solenoid was typically wired for 120VAC, but this should be checked.

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