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Method 3: Use a normal tool from each job as a reference tool



Operation (for each job)

  1. Load all the tools into their tool holders.
  2. Go to the offset library: F1/Setup -> F2/Tool -> F1/Offsets
  3. Insert the first tool in the spindle.
  4. Jog to the measuring surface (fixture or part).
  5. Press F1 to set Z Reference.
  6. Press F10 to set Z Reference there.
  7. With the tool still touching the surface, highlight its tool number and press F2 to measure it. The resulting offset measurement should be 0.0 (this is the reference tool, so it has no offset).
  8. For each remaining tool:
    1. Highlight the tool/offset number.
    2. Load the tool.
    3. Jog to touch off on the surface.
    4. Press F2 to measure the offset.
  9. Press F10 to save the measured offsets.
  10. Go to Part Setup: F1/Setup -> F1/Part
  11. Touch off and set X and Y positions normally.
  12. Touch off the part surface with whatever tool happens to be in the spindle.
  13. Enter the correct Tool Number, then press F10 to set the Z position.

If you have to replace one tool

If the surface you used before is still available:

  1. Go to the Offset Library.
  2. Load and measure the new tool off the same surface you used before.

If the surface you used before is no longer available (moved or cut away):

  1. Go to the Offset Library.
  2. Load the reference tool you used before.
  3. Press F1 and set Z Reference on a new surface.
  4. Load the new tool and measure it off that same new surface.

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