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Method 1: Use a normal tool from each job as a reference tool for both axes

Use this method if you want to have a clear visual illustration of your offset values.



Operation (for each job)

  1. Load all of the tools for the job into their tool holders.
  2. Go to the offset library.
  3. Press F1 to set X Reference. Following the instructions:
    1. Load (or index to) the Reference Tool.
    2. Jog to touch off on some convenient surface (e.g. the OD of the part).
    3. Press F10 to set X Reference here.
  4. Arrow right to highlight any Z offset
  5. Press F1 to set Z Reference. Following the instructions:
    1. Jog to touch off on some convenient surface (e.g. the end of the part).
    2. Press F10 to set Z Reference here.
  6. For each tool in the job:
    1. Highlight the tool's X offset.
    2. Load the tool.
    3. Jog to touch off on the diameter (X) surface.
    4. Press F2 to measure the X offset.
    5. Press the Right Arrow to highlight the tool's Z offset
    6. Jog around to touch off on the end (Z) surface.
    7. Press F2 to measure the Z offset.
  7. Press F10 to save the measured offsets.
  8. Go to Part Setup.
  9. Touch off and set the part Z position using any convenient tool. Be sure to enter the correct tool number in the second field.
  10. Press F8 to go to the X axis screen.
  11. Touch off the part diameter with any tool you choose.
  12. Enter the correct Tool Number, then press F10 to set the X position.
  13. Press ESC three times to return to the main screen.

If you have to replace one tool

  1. Go to the Offset Library
  2. If the surfaces you measured the tools on before are still available (i.e. have not been machined away) then you do not have to reset the X and Z Reference positions.
  3. If the previous surface is not available, load the reference tool and set X and Z References on a new surface, using the same procedure you used before.
  4. Load the new tool and measure both X and Z offsets off the same surfaces.


When measuring a replacement tool, you do not have to use the same surfaces you used to measure the other tools, as long as you reset the References off of the new surface before measuring the new tool.

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