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Installing a new MATX power supply in a 2004-2010 Uniconsole

The computer power supply in these consoles is an off-the-shelf micro-ATX ("MATX") supply. Almost any unit on the market will serve.

This is a typical micro-ATX PC power supply. This particular one is a Coolmax brand 300W supply, but it is representative of typical supplies made between 2008 and 2011.

The largest connector is the motherboard power plug. It supports both older ATX/MATX motherboards with 20-pin power headers, and newer motherboards with 24-pin power headers.

To use the power supply with an older motherboard with a 20-pin power header, slide the end of the plug (containing one each Red, Black, Yellow and Orange wires) forward and off.

Fold the unused wires back out of the way and plug the remaining 20-pin plug into the motherboard.

The supply has both 4-pin and 8-pin auxiliary 12VDC ("Pentium 4") connectors. There is usually a matching header on the motherboard somewhere near the CPU. Some other supplies have only the 8-pin version of this plug. They can still be used with motherboards that have 4-pin headers: you just let the other four pins hang outside the end of the header.

This is a drive power pigtail. It has two "hard drive" plugs and one smaller "floppy drive" plug. The Coolmax supply has two of these pigtails, with a total of six plugs. That should be more than enough for a Centroid CNC console. Typically you would use:

These are SATA power plugs. They are for newer "serial-ATA" hard drives, and are not used with pre-2011 Centroid consoles. Fold them out of the way, along with any other unused pigtails and plugs.

Here are the motherboard connections for a typical 2005-2005 MSI motherboard.

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