With the full 3D Digitizing package you can measure and duplicate 3D surfaces, on any material, using three digitizing patterns.

The package includes the Centroid DP-4 all-surface probe, two ruby styli, calibration ring, digitizing software cycles, and probing cycles.

The DP-4D package includes the DP-4D all-surface probe with DSP-direct link for faster and more accurate digitizing.

Grid Digitizing traverses an X-Y grid, measuring and recording Z depth at each point. This is the most common pattern for mold work and general use.

Radial Digitizing measures constant-Z contours around the inside of a cavity. It was originally developed for porting cylinder heads, but is well suited for any steep-walled cavity.

Radial Digitizing can also be used to record partial sections of a wall, whether on the inside or the outside of the part.

Contour Digitizing measures constant-Z contours around the outside of a raised, vertical-walled part. It is ideal for duplicating cams.

The Digitizing package also includes Centroid's Mold Magic software. Mold Magic is offline, Windows-based software which reprocesses Grid Digitize patches. It can generate multiple roughing passes, and can do mold reversals (turning a digitized model of a plug into a CNC program to machine the mold).

DP-4 Digitizing Package: $4,940
DP-7 Digitizing Package: $7,550

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