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Setting the Spindle Orient Position with a Delta C2000 Drive

The spindle orient location is stored in parameter 10-19 in the Delta C2000 spindle drive. It is a value between 0 and 4095, representing spindle encoder counts away from the encoder index pulse. There are 4096 counts in one turn, so one degree of spindle rotation is about 11 counts.

If the spindle motor or encoder is ever removed and replaced, then the clocking between the encoder and the machine spindle will change, and a new value will be needed in Pr 10-19.

Set Pr 00-04 in the Delta drive to a value of 9, so that the drive shows the spindle encoder count value on the third line of the normal status display. That way, if you have turned the spindle to the correct and desired orientation, you can read the needed Pr 10-19 value directly from the keypad display on the Delta spindle drive.

To enter a new value in Pr 10-19:

  1. Press the MENU key
  2. Use the up/down arrows as needed to select "1: Pr Setup"
  3. Press the ENTER key
  4. Arrow down 9 lines to "10: SPEED FEEDBACK"
  5. Press the ENTER key
  6. Arrow down 18 lines to "19: PG Homing CNT"
  7. Press the ENTER key
  8. Use the four arrow keys to change the value of the parameter:
    Left and right arrows move from digit to digit in the value
    Up and down arrows increase and decrease the selected digit
  9. Press the ENTER key to accept the changed value
  10. Press the ESC key as needed to return to the normal status display

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