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Replacing a DC3IO with a DC3IOB

The DC3IOB unit, introduced in early 2009, replaces the earlier DC3IO combined 3-axis DC servo drive and PLC unit.

The DC3IOB has features which support the new MPU11 motion processor. It can also be used as a (nearly) drop-in replacement for an older DC3IO.

When ordering a DC3IOB as a replacement for a DC3IO, you need to specify that it be programmed in "legacy mode", so that it will communicate properly with your existing CPU10 or CPU7 motion processor board.

There are two significant differences that may affect installation of a DC3IOB in place of a DC3IO.

First, the bus power (VM GND and +VM wires on screw terminals) has been moved farther up the right side of the unit. With luck you will have enough length in the Blue and White wires to connect them to the new terminals without alteration.

Second, the analog header (Brown and Violet wires, on a 7-position Phoenix plug) has been moved from the bottom edge of the unit to near the top of the right edge. You should have enough length in these wires to move the plug to the new position, though you will probably need to disconnect the wires while you snake them back through the wire duct. You might need to strip back more of the sheath from the inverter cable that these wires come out of, in order to free enough length to reach the right side of the DC3IO.

You will also note that the DC3IOB has a sixth fiber optic socket. This top-most socket is only used with MPU11 controllers. You will use the lower five sockets for your original five fibers.

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