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Swapping the Compact Flash Drive

In various circumstances you may need to remove the compact flash card (solid state hard drive) from your control and install a different one.

Back Up Your Current Files

If you have not already done so, make a current backup of your part programs and control configuration, onto a USB thumb drive or a floppy disk.

Configuration Backup and Report Instructions

Part Program Backup Instructions

Locate the Flash Card

Current M400 and M39 controls share a common PC enclosure, similar to the one pictured at right. There is a black eject button next to the compact flash card. You press the eject button to free the card from the socket pins, then slide it the rest of the way out.

In an M400 control, the PC is inside the console. Shut off power and remove the back cover from the console for access.

In an M39 control, the PC is inside the control electrical cabinet. Shut off power and open the cabinet door for access.

I have provided a number of replacement control PC's, and PC's for board level M39 and T39 retrofits, using a front-panel compact flash drive instead of the rear-slot drive found on the Centroid factory PC's. Such a front-panel drive is shown at right. It does not have an eject mechanism; you just grip the card and pull it straight out.

Earlier M400 consoles (2003-2004) had the compact flash drive installed under the motherboard, parallel with the LCD front panel. On these consoles you have to work around the encoder cables and optical fibers to get to the card, or temporarily unplug them.

Swap Flash Cards

Remove the old flash card, making note of its orientation (i.e. is the card label up, down, towards you, or away from you).

Slide the new flash card in and press it firmly into place.

Replace the console back cover, or close the cabinet door.

Power Up and Restore Files

Power up the control. If the new flash card was not pre-configured with a parameter file for your specific control, then it will probably come up with a "demo control has expired" screen. This is okay.

  1. Insert the USB drive or floppy disk with your Report files.
  2. Choose Utility/Update (or just Update, if on the "demo expired" screen)
  3. Browse to the location of the Report files and press F10.
  4. When prompted shut down and cycle the power.

This time the control should start up normally and display the "Machine home not set" screen.

  1. Choose Utility/Restore/CNC
  2. Browse to the location of the program backup files and press F10
  3. Choose Restore/ICN
  4. Browse to the location of the program backup files and press F10
  5. Press ESC as needed to return to the main screen

After you have homed the machine you can press F2/Load, or F5/CAM, and verify that your programs are all there.

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